Hossam Hewidy

USP Hossam Hewidy by Ilmari Fabritius

Hossam Hewidy teaches and studies Regional and Urban Planning at Aalto University. He has been nominated as a lecturer at the department of architecture in June 2015. Hewidy’s interests include Planning Policy and multiculturalism, Public Participation, Town Planning for Sustainable Tourism as well as Sustainability in Urban Planning. Hewidy believes in the social rule of an architect.

Hewidy worked as an hourly-paid tutor in most of the Urban Planning courses from 2006-2014 and as a University Teacher in the academic year 2014-2015 in Aalto University. Hewidy’s has graduated in Helsinki University of Technology with a Master of Science (Architecture) 2009, with distinction. His Major is Urban Planning and Design and Minor is Building design. Hewidy has had different positons in the architectural profession. Hewidy worked as a freelancer designer, a partner in architectural offices, a manager of architectural office, a technical office manager of project management consultancy as well as an architect in the Egyptian Army. Hewidy has participated also in projects of upgrading and developing informal housing areas of Cairo. 

Hossam's research outputs