Anssi Joutsiniemi

USP anssi joutsiniemi by Ilmari Fabritius

Anssi Joutsiniemi is Adjunct Professor at the Aalto University. His research interests are centered on issues of complex system approaches in urban planning and his work include topics of urban modelling, morphological analyses and rule-based planning. His expertise is in GIS and computational methods in urban planning and design and his more recent research interests are in distributed urban modelling and simulation and algorithmic problem solving in a design process. Joutsiniemi also works as Associate Professor in Tampere University of Technology and holds Adjunct Associate Professorship in Curtin University, Australia.

Between 2010-2016 Joutsiniemi has worked as editor-in-chief of the Finnish Journal of Urban Studies. He has led a reaserch team in following research projects:

  • Pirkanmaa 2040 – IEVA, VASARA
  • MASTRA C, Human & Green
  • Netzstadt Sibbesborg
  • Kymppi R Tools
  • Urban Diversity

Joutsiniemi has also research contributions in research projects between 2006-2016, including URMI, KAMMI, BIMcity, TLK, ALLI, KymppiR, AIDA, Urban Generator, DECOMB, and TASE 2025.

Anssi is the head of the USP Master's Programme at Aalto University.