New students info

The UH Welcome Fair for new international students is arranged on 28-29 August. TRANSMED students attend the fair with their student tutors on Tuesday 28 August starting at 12 noon. Tutors will help all new TRANSMEDs in the accommodation to the Faculty, the TRANSMED programme and the living in Helsinki in general.

The TRANSMED studies start on Monday 3 September 2018 with a Faculty orientation session in Seminar room 1-2, Biomedicum Helsinki, Haartmaninkatu 8, Helsinki at 9.00 am. Biomedicum Helsinki is located in the Meilahti Campus - public transport with several buses and tram no 4.

During the first week, all students will have academic counselling about studies, teaching methods, assessment criteria and practices, ethical guidelines in studies, and the curriculum. This guidance is obligatory. This guidance is provided by the programme director, who acts as a teacher tutor for all transmed students. The aim is to establish a personal study plan for each student.

There is no need to register to any of the courses in advance. The studies start with obligatory courses in the curriculum:

Human Anatomy and Physiology I
Reading and Writing High Impact Translational Medicine
Career Development
Basics of Statistics and R-program, Part I