Application guidelines


In your on-line application, you are asked to answer five questions. Your answers comprise the motivation letter (separate documents will not be evaluated). It would be a good idea to write the answers first ready e.g. in notepad, wordpad or similar (without formatting) and then copy-paste them to the application form.

The motivation letter should be written in English. For each answer, you can use a maximum of 2000 characters (including spaces).

The questions are the following :

a) Describe the experiences you have had -personal, professional and educational - that motivated you to apply to TRANSMED and make you especially capable of facing the challenges of TRANSMED?

b) Please include information on the highest degree you have or you are studying for

c) What are your special interests in research?

d) Describe the strategies you will use to deal with
1) the challenges of group learning and studying independently
2) the challenges of studying in a multicultural environment
3) the challenges of an all-English educational programme and
4) the financial challenges of studying in Finland.

e) What do you plan to do after completing your Master of Science degree in Translational medicine?