One of the best study environments I have been in

Before starting her studies in Master’s Programme in Translational Medicine, Elisa Karhu studied integrative biology at University of California, Berkeley.

“I chose the TRANSMED programme because I was interested in medicine and wanted to get a better understanding of the research process that helps to bring about new treatments and innovations in medicine,” she says.

Since graduating from the programme, Karhu has moved back to the US and is currently studying at a University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. However, her time in TRANSMED does not pale in comparison to other esteemed universities she has enrolled in.

“TRANSMED was one of the best study environments I have been in! It was very collaborative and friendly among our small but very diverse group of people who all brought different perspectives to the table,” she says.

“I really loved the integration of clinical aspects of medicine such as being able to shadow physicians in an area I was interested in, as well as field trips we had throughout the curriculum to places like the hospital laboratories, burn unit, blood bank etc.”

To Karhu, the most beneficial aspects to the curriculum included courses on different diseases and reading and writing high impact translational research.

“Conceptualizing and carrying out a research project that culminates in the masters thesis is the ultimate way to be prepared for future research projects,” she says

“We also received a great overview of all the different research modalities available, including imaging, proteomics, metabolomics, next generation sequencing and many more.”

Karhu feels her Master’s degree from TRANSMED was an advantage in the highly selective medical school admissions process in the US.

“But more than that, I feel confident that as a future physician I can interpret and participate in research that will impact my patients.”