Career prospects

TRANSMED graduates are also highly valued in the private sector. Almost 40 % of graduates have been employed directly by bioindustry, pharma or other health sector enterprises either in Finland or abroad. Titles include product manager, product specialist, personalised health care manager, clinical research associate etc.

The health and health technology sectors represent a rapidly emerging field, and one of the areas with a growing importance as the population ages and the costs of new therapies steadily increase. Thus, the demand for well-trained specialists in the field of translational medicine is likely to increase in the near future, providing excellent career prospects globally.

If you are interested in an academic research career or aim for employment in health sector enterprises at the PhD level, you may apply to several doctoral programmes in University of Helsinki:

TRANSMED graduates are also eligible to apply for the FIMM-EMBL International PhD in Molecular Medicine and Bioinformatics, or for PhD programmes in other universities, in Finland and abroad.

Lea Urpa moved to TRANSMED from marine biology, and is now continuing her studies in the FIMM-EMBL International PhD programme of FIMM, Institute of Molecular Medicine Finland.

“The number one thing is to figure out what you want, and that’s also the hardest part. Sometimes it just means trying out different stuff and seeing what happens,” says Lea Urpa from experience.

After her Bachelor’s studies in biology, she worked as a math and science teacher and interned in a neurobiology lab. There she decided she wanted to work closer to humans and study neuroscience. While still living in the US, Urpa found out about TRANSMED, applied, and got accepted.Read moreLea's story

TRANSMED alumnus Joni Degerman finished his CRA graduate trainee program at IQVIA (previously known as QuintilesIMS) in October 2016. He has since been working as an independent Clinical Research Associate monitoring mainly phase II and III clinical trials in UK.

Joni Degerman has a B.Sc. from the University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Pharmacy. For an MSc, he chose to study in the TRANSMED programme and completed his Master’s thesis in professor Kari Alitalo’s Translational Cancer Biology Research group.

He graduated in autumn 2015 and started job hunting in clinical research field.

“First, I planned to stay in professor Alitalo’s research group and continue as a PhD student, but clinical research felt more appealing to me at the time, and still does” Degerman says.

At the time, pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations in Finland had very few trainee and junior roles open, so Degerman started to apply for jobs abroad as well.

In April 2016, he was invited for an assessment day at IQVIA’s graduate trainee programme in Reading, UK.

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Before starting her studies in Master’s Programme in Translational Medicine, Elisa Karhu studied integrative biology at University of California, Berkeley.

“I chose the TRANSMED programme because I was interested in medicine and wanted to get a better understanding of the research process that helps to bring about new treatments and innovations in medicine,” she says.

Since graduating from the programme, Karhu has moved back to the US and is currently studying at a University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. However, her time in TRANSMED does not pale in comparison to other esteemed universities she has enrolled in.

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