The home of the Master's programme Russian Studies at the University of Helsinki is the Aleksanteri Institute, the largest and best-known European research institute of Russian studies. The scholars of the Institute have solid teaching experience and broad researcher credentials, which guarantee the quality of our teaching. One of the Aleksanteri Institute's central tasks is the development and implementation of long-term research programmes, single academic research projects, and non-academic projects with external partners. Thus, the Institute serves as a multidisciplinary and multifunctional research community for Finnish researchers in Russian, Easter European, and Central Asian studies.

The Institute promotes research networking in Finland and abroad. The Visiting Fellows programme is an important part of our research activities by providing us with fruitful internal connections. Every year, the Institute participates in several non-academic research projects in cooperation with the Finnish Government, business, or NGO communities. These projects channel Finnish know-how for the benefit of society at large, and cooperation is promoted between interested parties in Finland, the EU, and target countries. Training projects, seminars and database projects, many of which involve research, are typical examples of this kind of activity.