MSc thesis

MAAT 31 1500

By completing your Master’s thesis (30 credits) you will show that

  • You are capable of scientific thinking
  • You are able to design and carry out experiments under supervision
  • You are profoundly familiar with the topic of your thesis
  • You are capable of effective written scientific communication

A Master’s thesis project usually consists of four distinct phases

  • Design and planning of the study
  • Gathering the data (field work and/or laboratory work and/or mathematical modelling)
  • Analysing the data (validation/quality control, statistical analysis, plotting)
  • Interpreting and discussing the results in the light of existing literature on the topic

Typically, the work is carried out in a research project in which you have a clearly defined and independent role. You must write the thesis yourself. Your work will be supervised by a person, such as a professor or lecturer, who has a PhD in the same field of research and who knows the topic and the relevant courses well. Upon completing your Master’s project, you will understand how a research project proceeds, from planning the work to carrying it out and reporting the results.