• The Master’s programme includes two study tracks:
    - Particle physics and cosmology
    - Astrophysical sciences
  • Courses in the programme have been compiled into course packages. Both study tracks contain a mandatory core package that includes a research seminar. The study tracks are divided into specialisations that focus on astronomy, space physics, particle physics or cosmology.  Courses typically include lectures, exercises, group work and research literature and end in examinations and/or final assignments. In addition, some studies can be completed as book examinations.
  • The scope of the Master’s programme is 120 credits (ECTS), which can be completed in two years. The degree consists of
                          - 90 credits of Master’s studies, including a Master’s thesis (30 credits)
                          - 30 credits of other studies from the Master’s programme or other degree programmes
  • In addition, your studies include a personal study plan as well as career orientation and planning. You might also take part in a traineeship, elective studies offered by the Master’s Programme in Particle Physics and Astrophysical Sciences, or studies offered by other degree programmes.
  • After completing a Master’s degree, you can apply for doctoral training at the University of Helsinki or other top international universities. The most relevant doctoral programme offered at the University of Helsinki is the Doctoral Programme in Particle Physics and Universe Sciences (PAPU).