Study tracks, specializations, courses

Courses 2019-2020

Mathematics and Statistics Master's Programme has four study tracks: mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics and social statistics. Mathematics study track includes specializations analysis, geometry, algebra and topology, mathematical logic and mathematical physics. Applied mathematics study track includes specializations applied analysis, mathematical modelling, mathematics of imaging, stochastics, insurance and financial mathematics and probabilistic modelling. Statistics and social statistics are both study tracks and specializations.


    • Core courses

    MAST31001 Real analysis I (5 cr)
    MAST31002 Functional analysis (10 cr)
    MAST31003 Topology II (10 cr)
    MAST31201 Mathematical logic (10 cr)
    MAST31701 Probability theory I (5 cr)
    MAST31702 Probability theory II (5 cr)
    MAST31501 Mathematical modelling (10 cr) or  LSI33001 Introduction to mathematical biology (10 cr)

    • Specializations in mathematics study track
      MAST310 Analysis
      MAST311 Geometry, Algebra and Topology
      MAST312 Mathematical logic
      MAST313 Mathematical Physics
    • Specializations in applied mathematics study track
      MAST314 Applied analysis
      MAST315 Mathematical modelling
      MAST316 Mathematics of Imaging
      MAST317 Stochastics
      MAST318 Insurance and Financial Mathematics
      MAST319 Probability modelling

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    • Directors of the social statistics study track: Mikko Myrskylä and Kimmo Vehkalahti
    • The advanced module module 85-120 cr
      MAST33001 Generalized linear models II (5 cr), mandatory course
      Optional courses 45-80 cr
      MAST33015 Analysis of complex surveys (5 cr)
      MAST33011 Data-analysis with SAS (5 cr)
      MAST33012 Demographic analysis (5 cr)
      MAST33010 Introduction to register-based research (5 cr)
      MAST33013 Register-based data analysis (5 cr)
      MAST33014 Small area estimation (5 cr)
      MAST33009 Structural equation models (5 cr)
      MAST33018 Survey sampling (5 cr)
      MAST33019 Survey-methodology and European statistical system (5 cr)
      MAST33017 Topics in social statistics (5 cr)
      • Courses from statistics, mathematics and applied mathematics study tacks
        Courses from other Master´s programmes as approved in personal study plan
        Students can specialize in official statistics and receive the European Master in Official Statistics (EMOS) certificate.
      • MAST30001 Master´s thesis seminar (5 cr), mandatory
      • MAST33000 Master´s thesis (30 cr) (the link includes grading scale and criteria), mandatory
    • Other studies 0-35 cr
      This module can include, for example, bachelor´s level statistics and/or mathematics or other discipline courses.
    • Schedule and instructions of social statistics studies