Study mathematics and statistics with other top performers in your field. Some of the best mathematicians and statisticians in the world will be your instructors. Studies in this Master’s programme will lead you into the fascinating world of modern science, giving you a solid basis for maths and statistics applications. Graduates from this Master’s program find employment as researchers, teachers, and in demanding expert posts in the public and private sector in Finland and abroad.

The Master’s programme consists of courses in mathematics, applied mathematics, and statistics. The courses include group and lecture instruction, exercises, literature, and workshops. Most courses also include exams or project assignments. In addition, you can complete some courses independently, by taking literature-based exams. The instructors in this programme have received prizes for their high standard of teaching.

The Master’s programme comprises 120 credits, which you can complete in two years. The Master’s thesis (30 credits) is based on a topic selected from your own subject. The purpose of the thesis is to advance your knowledge of your chosen topic. Further, it develops your aptitude for working independently and requires you to understand the scientific literature in your field. The topics will often be related to on-going research projects. If you are interested in research, your thesis work can often be the first stage towards your doctoral dissertation.