Courses of Medical physics and biophysics study track

Compulsory courses (45 cr)
MATR301 Introductory course to Materials Research (5 cr)
MATR302 Materials characterization (5 cr)
MATR364 Seminar in Materials Research (5 cr)
MATR350 Master's thesis (30 cr)
MATR399 Maturity test (0 cr)
Personal study plan (included in the Introductory course to Materials Research)

Optional course packages of advanced courses in Medical Physics (55-75 cr)

Medical physics course package I
MATR319 Medical physics (5 cr)
MATR315 Radiation Dosimetry (5 cr)
MATR310 Laboratory exercises (10 cr)
MATR309 Radiation protection (5 cr)

Radiation detectors course package
PAP338 Gaseous radiation detectors and scintillators (5 cr)
PAP339 Semiconductor radiation detectors (5 cr)

Computational methods course package
MATR322 Scientific computing III (10 cr)
MATR323 Basics of Monte Carlo simulations (5 cr)
MATR324 Monte Carlo simulations in physics (5 cr)

Biophysics course package
MATR331 Introduction to biological physics (5 cr)
MATR332 Physics of Biological Systems (5 cr)
MATR333 Modeling of biological systems (5 cr)

Personalized course package (0-25 cr)
Courses from other study lines and/or other programmes as agreed in HOPS (personal study plan).


Other studies (0-20 cr)
Other studies can include study modules or individual courses from other programmes as agreed in personal study plan. Also practical training and language studies can be included.