All teachers of the International Business Law (IBL) programme are highly experienced and internationally oriented researchers in their own field of law. All research findings are published in esteemed national and international journals and other publications. Furthermore, most IBL teachers have been rewarded for their excellence in research.

Currently such topics as digitalization, globalization and financial markets are pivotal themes in international business law research. Also multidisciplinary aspects are important and legal research work is connected to, e.g., economics, technology and politics.

Focus areas of the Faculty of Law research:

1. Law across boundaries and globalising law

2. National legal system and its Nordic characteristics and European connections

3. Law, digitalisation and technology

4. Law and sustainability

5. Law, security, welfare and privacy

6. Legal basis and regulation of markets and business

You can familiarize youself with some of our top research projects below. Also check our People page to get to know our teaching staff and researchers. More information about research and researchers is available in TUHAT research database


LL.D., Docent Ville Pönkä’s international research project concerns cooperative law in the modern business environment. The purpose of the project is to analyze the ownership and control structures of cooperatives by comparing them to corporate structures. The research centers upon the question of whether cooperative governance promotes efficiency and the ideal of democratic member control – and moreover, are efficiency and democratic member control compatible objectives.

The research is conducted in Finland (University of Helsinki) and in the United States and in fall 2018 Mr. Pönkä will be conducting research on the topic in Fordham School of Law. Currently he is recruiting scholars and applying for funding for his research group.

Professor of Civil- and Commercial Law, Ellen Eftestöl-Wilhelmsson has a strong interest in international commercial transactions and sustainable development. She is the founder and leader of the InterTran Research Group, an interdisciplinary research group for sustainable law and business. The group’s central idea is to contribute to sustainable development while maintaining a strong focus on a sustainable circular economy. Particular attention is paid to the role of transport in sustainable development, but also other aspects of sustainable business are of interest. Currently the research group is working on Integration of Transport in the Green Circular Economy and on Challenges and Opportunities related to the Chinese One Belt One Road initiative.

Eftestöl-Wilhelmsson is interested in interdisciplinary research and is a deputy member of the Steering group for Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science, HELSUS. Eftestöl-Wilhelmsson holds a Swedish-speaking chair. She takes particular interest in Nordic legal collaboration and is the founder and leader of Forum för civil- och handelsrätt, a platform for discussion on civil- and commercial law in Swedish. She is furthermore adjunct Professor at the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law, University of Oslo, where she also is a deputy member of the board.