International Business Law is the field of the future

The University of Helsinki Master’s Programme in International Business Law offers a comprehensive and practical perspective to different fields of international business law. The well-structured and career-oriented degree prepares students for a variety of occupations including working in international institutions, law firms and other private institutions, as well as public offices.  

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to study international business law in one of the top-ranking universities in the field of law? We asked just that from Ville Pönkä, Vice-Dean of the faculty and Head of the Master’s Programme in International Business Law. 

“It’s the entirety of the programme we are especially proud of. We have put a lot of time and effort into planning and implementing this programme. As a result, it offers students a variety of courses and gives them the flexibility to tailor their studies to meet their own interests,” Pönkä summarises.

Build your own degree to reflect your interests

The Master’s Programme in International Business Law is a well-balanced combination of compulsory courses providing a basic understanding of the subject and optional courses enabling students to specialise according to their personal interests. The studies have both an international and commercial focus. Topics include contract law, company law, competition law and international dispute resolution, to name just a few.

“We believe in flexibility and are committed to offering our students the best possible programme structure that genuinely supports their own goals and aspirations,” Pönkä says.

Additionally, the programme structure is planned to support students’ career building both in Finland and abroad.

“Many of our students – both local and foreign – are already working while studying. Our job is to prepare them for their careers as best as we can, which is why internationality and our global contacts are key to our programme. Our internationally well-known and experienced teachers are committed to creating and sustaining valuable global networks to create new possibilities, such as internship opportunities, for our students,” Pönkä continues.

Field of the future with great employment opportunities

The Master’s Programme in International Business Law will prepare students for a variety of occupations, including working in international institutions such as the European Union, law firms and other private institutions, as well as public offices. The employment rate for lawyers is very good. As the world grows smaller through globalisation and digitalisation, the demand to understand issues concerning international business law.  

“To summarise: this is the field of the future,” Pönkä says.

But let’s face it: there are plenty of universities to choose from when considering where to study international business law, so why choose the University of Helsinki?

“The field of law is usually taught with a strong local emphasis, which narrows down international job opportunities. Our programme is entirely international and is not restricted to one field of business law. One major thing that truly sets us apart from other Master’s programmes is our strong orientation towards Chinese Law and Russian Law, which is something not many programmes can offer.”

Other widely researched topics in the faculty include digitalisation, privacy issues and copyright law, international company law, trade and transport law and commercial dispute resolution.

A cosy, yet vibrant faculty makes settling in easy

Students in the Master’s Programme in International Business Law Master’s programme can settle into a cosy, yet vibrant faculty located in the heart of Helsinki. Contrary to the popular stereotype of Finns being introverted and shy, students and members of the faculty have a reputation for being friendly and approachable. Pönkä is glad that his students feel comfortable enough to drop by regularly to ask for tips and talk about how they are progressing in their studies.  

“My job is like a service occupation. Clichéd or not, I find it very rewarding to be able to help our students reach their goals from their freshman year to their graduation day,” Pönkä says, smiling.

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