Nina Castén - Drom ry:n viestintäpäällikkö

I currently work as head of communications for the Creative Association for Arts and Culture Drom, of which I am also currently vice-chairman. Drom was founded in 1976 by its current chairman, Cultural Counsellor Veijo Baltzar. Baltzar is a well-known Finnish cultural actor, the world-leading Roma author and dramaturgist, as well as an internationally acknowledged actor for multiculturalism.

Drom has a very broad range of activity. The objective of Drom is to promote intercultural dialogue in Finland and internationally by means of influencing art and cultural politics. We produce theatre, art, exhibitions, literature, music, seminars, conferences and education. We have arranged multidisciplinary scientific and artistic events in Finland and internationally, aimed at affecting decision-makers and societal actors to engage in building a better functioning multicultural Europe. A functioning multicultural society is the most important goal of our activity.

My career at Drom started in 2004 as an intern and volunteer, years before I became a student of the ICE Master’s Programme in 2009. My studies in the programme turned out to support my work at Drom very well, and vice versa. I learned a great deal that has been useful in my work, especially about cultural understanding and the dynamics of a multicultural society. Working with these issues comes naturally for me, since my studies have granted me the ability to understand the complex nature of identities, different factors that influence the relationships between majority and minority groups and what, on a more general level, happens when different cultures meet.

One of my current projects is coordinating the world tour of the Drom-produced exhibition “Miranda – The Roma Holocaust”. In other words, I am responsible for the press and media of the exhibition, as well as liaising with local partners about the practical arrangements of the tour in different countries and cities. The patron of the exhibition project is Finland’s former Prime Minister Paavo Lipponen, who is also a vital member of the strategic steering committee of Drom. Other members of the steering committee include e.g. Finnish politicians Ilkka Kanerva, Pekka Haavisto, Liisa Jaakonsari, and professor of multicultural education Fred Dervin.

As head of communications, my duties include, among other things, national and international communications and their development (newsletters, partner relations, social media, website etc.). In practice, my job includes different duties from day to day, ranging from managing events and coordinating projects to finding sponsors.

The society and world we live in is constantly becoming more multicultural. Questions about ethnic relations are definitely not going to disappear, which means understanding them on a profound and comprehensive level is becoming ever more important. In my job, I have the privilege of being involved in promoting this understanding and expertise on the highest levels of society, which I am extremely proud of.

Nina Castén, Drom ry:n viestintäpäällikkö.