Career Prospects


With a Master’s degree in Integrative Plant Sciences, you will have many potential career opportunities. You can work especially

  • As a researcher and/or part-time teacher at universities or other institutions of higher education
  • As a researcher in national and international institutions in the public and private sectors
  • As an expert, civil servant, authority or PR officer in public administration
  • In various positions in international organisations or enterprises engaged in bioeconomy 
  • As an entrepreneur in the biological or environmental sectors of business


After graduating from the Master’s Programme you can apply for doctoral programmes in Finland or elsewhere. In Finland the requirements for a doctoral degree are 40 credits plus a doctoral dissertation. Cooperation with Finnish and international institutions ensures excellent prospects for your successful doctoral studies. The primary doctoral programmes at the University of Helsinki in this area of research are

Also relevant are

For general information about the University of Helsinki doctoral programmes please see: