I am a University lecturer and Adjunct professor in nutrition, and in charge of the courses on nutritional epidemiology and dietary survey methodology. My research interests include dietary assessment methods, nutrition and health in children and families, and sociodemographic differences in diet. I am a member of the University of Helsinki Teachers’ Academy, a network of distinguished university teachers. I wish to encourage the natural curiosity of my students, understanding students as individuals and supporting their personal development alongside knowledge and skills. In my free time, I enjoy all aspects of food - social, cultural, emotional, and nutritional. I am also a book addict by nature, my all-time favorite being Sinuhe Egyptian; a fascinating story about the development of a young apprentice to a professional. 

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I have been the Professor in Public Health Nutrition at the University of Helsinki since 2011. My main teaching areas are connected assessment of nutritional status and dietary intakes in populations, interactions between diet, physical activity and health, and health promotion. Most of my research publications are related to the above themes, but mainly to obesity and type 2 diabetes in epidemiological settings and interventions, assessment of body composition, and earlier also to nutrition in sports. 

The days of a university teacher and research are hectic and it is difficult to find time for thinking and being creative. My mind flows more freely when I am exercising in the woods, running on narrow paths or with my mountain bike. When my sweat is flowing, also my mind works.   

I am a university lecturer and particularly interested in nutritional physiology – the handling and functions of nutrients and other molecules of food origin in the body. In this respect, I find micronutrients and fatty acids especially absorbing. My teaching responsibilities range from nutritional physiology and nutrition status indicators to topics related to nutrition and prevention of non-communicable diseases. I love to work at the University that welcomes new students as junior members of the scientific community every year.   

I am a University lecturer in social psychology at the Faculty of Social Sciences.  My teaching responsibilities range from social psychology of behaviour change to quantitative research methods. My research interests are broadly related how social psychological theories are applied in behaviour change interventions, mostly related to health behaviours. Currently I am interested how health related genetic information is understood among lay people and what people do with that information. Cycling and hiking are the things that I enjoy during my free time the most.

I am an Academy Research Fellow at the University of Helsinki. My research focuses on the role of psychological, social and genetic factors in eating behaviour, weight management and health outcomes. I teach social psychology of food and eating as well as quantitative methods, including structural equation modelling. Besides enjoying both research and teaching in this area, I find eating tasty food in good company, jogging, horse riding and reading novels as some of the great pleasures of life.

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I have a strong research background in the field of nutritional physiology and molecular nutrition. I have carried out numerous controlled interventions when studying the effect of diet on cardiovascular risk markers in healthy subjects in Finland. I also have long expertise from working with genetically modified animal models in studies focusing on dietary effects on colon cancer. Furthermore, I've been leading several projects in Africa. Since 2011 my team and I have been developing a mobile-based monitoring and guiding tool that aims to improve the health and nutrition of mothers and children globally (http://www.glocalnutrition.com/).

I’m the Professor of Food culture at the University of Helsinki and the Dean of Faculty of Education Sciences. My field of expertise lies in sociology and food and consumer studies with a focus on social and cultural aspects of eating. I have been particularly interested in meal studies and styles and practices of eating. In my research I have used both quantitative and qualitative methods and data. I have worked in research projects that explored e.g. future food consumption, responsibility of the food chain, consumers’ food choices and practices in everyday life contexts, Nordic eating habits, and fat wars. Currently I’m working with classifications of food and food education. My hobbies include binging TV series and learning new handicraft skills.  

I am a University Lecturer affiliated to two units of the University of Helsinki: Consumer Society Research Centre (CSRS) at the Faculty of Social Sciences and consumer economics at the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. My teaching focuses on sustainable culinary culture; consumption, food and the environment; and consumer society. I teach in HNFB as well as the Bachelor's Programme in Environmental and Food Economics (YET) and the Master’s Programme in Food Economy and Consumption (EKM). My research interests include the study of practices, ideals and innovations in eating, well-being and sustainable living, and I like to use both qualitative and quantitative methods.  

In my free time I relax by jogging and walking in nearby parks and get absorbed in other worlds by reading novels and knitting scarves. I have got accumulating piles of books and yarns waiting for action. 

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I am a University Lecturer in Human Physiology at the University of Helsinki. I teach Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology to BSc students, Pathobiology of Chronic Diseases to MSc students as well as subjects related to nutrition and cancer and experimental nutrition research methods to MSc and doctoral students. My research focuses on the molecular mechanisms by which diet and diet-derived compounds contribute to the development of colon cancer. I also have a research interest in dietary proteins and their role in gut health and type 2 diabetes.  

A season ticket for the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra’s concert series keeps me efficiently off work every second Wednesday evening. I also take a great pleasure in reading works of both historical fiction and nonfiction.  

I am a university lecturer. Nutritional questions related to food services and food industry are in my responsibility area. I teach topics such as food service planning, food processing and nutrition, foods in diets and special diets. My research interests are in health promotion and nutrition among older people. Multidisciplinary approaches motivate me in teaching and research.