Programme contents

Studying in the Global Politics and Communication programme provides you with the advanced knowledge of global political economy, relationships between the media and the development of democracy, and linkages between governance, organisations and communication. You will learn to to assess how politics and the media are linked to the forces of globalisation. At the end of your studies you are equipped with conceptual understanding and the theoretical and methodological skills needed to carry out original and relevant research on key societal issues.

In addition, the programme prepares you to engage in public discussions and develop critical reasoning and argumentation skills that are equally important in academia, public organisations and the private sector.

The Master's Degree Programme in Global Politics and Communication is a full-time, two-year programme. The programme consists of core courses as well as thematic courses. During the first year of your studies, you will study theoretical and methodological courses, and you will specialise in one of the three study tracks of the programme: Global Political Economy, Media and Democracy or Governance, Organisations and Communication.

In the second year, you will deepen your knowledge on your selected study track by participating in thematic courses.

Further information about the courses.

You will select the topic of your Master's Thesis under the guidance of your supervisor. The usual length of a Master’s thesis is about 50-70 pages.

When writing your thesis, you will need to acquire advanced knowledge in your chosen field and develop analytical and critical thinking skills. You will learn to formulate research questions, plan and design your research, conduct it and report your results with an understanding of the key concepts, debates and perspectives concerning your chosen topic. In addition, the thesis may  inspire you to continue your studies as a doctoral candidate. The graduates of the Global Politics and Communication programme (Master of Social Sciences, MSocSc) indeed fulfil the requirements to apply for doctoral studies at the University of Helsinki and other top universities around the world.

The Global Politics and Communication programme is an international programme with a student intake from around the world. Furthermore, we receive many visiting and exchange students and scholars from Europe and further afield. In addition to providing our students with a unique international learning atmosphere, it may also be possible for students to participate in exchange programmes for a short-term study period in top universities around the world. Our students are also provided with the opportunity of doing a voluntary internship abroad.

The academic freedom is a strong part of the studying experience at the University of Helsinki which gives the students the possibility of studying different elective studies within the university and the other Finnish universities through the Flexible Study Right (JOO) agreements. It is also possible for students to conduct their master’s research in a company they work at or they agree with.