Career prospects

Studying in the GPC programme developes your competencies for critical thinking, which are necessary in all tasks and positions that require expertise. The programme further prepares you to responsibly engage in public discussions and develop critical reasoning and argumentation skills that are equally central to academia, public organisations and private sector.

Graduates of the disciplines of Political Science and Media and Communication Studies at the University of Helsinki have gone on to work in a range of jobs as experts and consultants in Finland and internationally, in the public and the private sectors as well as in non-governmental organisations. They are mainly employed in the fields of politics, administration, the media and communication, for example at Nokia, Google, IBM, Hill and Knowlton, Miltton, Helsinki Times etc.

The programme also provides graduates with excellent qualification to continue on with academic research to pursue an academic career in universities in Finland and around the world.

You will learn more about the career paths in the career course included in the degree, and you will also have the opportunitity to complete internship during your studies. The career services of the University will also help you with your career plans.

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Career prospects