Palaeontology and Global Change deals with the changing conditions and evolution of life on Earth. Research topics include fossil mammals and their environments during the last 25 million years, the environmental and evolutionary context of early humans in Africa, and the history of climate change and ecosystems during the last 100,000 years. The effect of humankind on the biosphere is a multidisciplinary topic.

To tackle the increasingly pressing questions arising from the impact on humankind on our home planet we urgently need to understand both how the earth-life system works today and how it behaved in the past, under conditions that we cannot observe directly today but may encounter in the future. The long history of life on our planet is recorded in the remains and traces that organisms have left in geological strata billions of years, such as shells, bones, teeth, leaves or pollen, as well as the structure and composition of the rocks that contain them.

Previous studies required for this study track: BSc in geosciences or relevant, with minor studies in biology.