Selection of the major or study track

As a student in the Master’s Programme in Geology and Geophysics, you are free to choose among the four study tracks we offer, though each study track may have different required previous studies.

Structure of studies

At the beginning of the advanced studies, you will familiarise yourself with the central research methods in the field. The studies consist of intensive learning in small groups on practical work courses, guided laboratory work on specialised courses, and tailored short-term courses led by international and Finnish experts. In addition, you will be able to take part are a variety of field courses and excursions (in Finland and beyond) to familiarise yourself with research topics in their natural surroundings.

The MSc-studies (120 ECTS credit points)  consist of three parts:

  1. Common courses, which are the same for all study tracks and includes a total of 55 ECTS credit points.
  2. Advanced courses in each study track, which comprise 20-60 ECTS credits depending on the specialisation. This means that there is a minimum of 20 cp of compulsory courses and you can select up to 40 cp of additional advanced courses.
  3. Optional courses, which you are free to select from other campuses, other Finnish universities, so called JOO-studies, language courses, etc. These courses can be combined with the common and advanced courses to reach 120 ECTS cp.


As a student in the Master’s programme you will be expected to write a thesis. The goal of the Master’s thesis is to enable you to study an area of interest to you within your study track, and to help you develop research skills such as scientific writing, literature review, and advanced knowledge in your area of study. The thesis typically includes a review of current literature and experiments or analysis of geological or geophysical data. You will write your thesis independently, under the supervision of one or more faculty members in your study track.

Have a look at the latest thesis titles under each study track.