How will we react to the changes of our planet?

Sustaining a growing population on our dynamic planet requires deep understanding of geological and geophysical processes within the Earth, and of how they interact with the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biota. The Master's Programme in Geology and Geophysics trains you to address pressing questions concerning our home planet's evolution, its role as the source of raw materials needed by modern civilisation, and environmental issues. The programme includes four study tracks: Petrology and Economic Geology; Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology; Palaeontology and Global Change; and Solid Earth Geophysics.

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Application process

You can apply to the International Master's Programmes at the University of Helsinki from Dec 3, 2019, to Jan 10, 2020 (studies starting in autumn 2020). To keep updated about the application process, sign up for our Admissions Newsletter.