Venla Bernelius

Assistant Professor (tenure track), Urban Geography (Swedish)

Venla Bernelius is a tenure track professor of urban geography at the University of Helsinki. Her education and working life have centered on a deep fascination on research and building an understanding of the world through science. Making a social impact through collaboration outside the academia has also played a major role in her work. She has a Ph.D in Urban Geography from the University of Helsinki, and she has studied Geography, Statistics and Social Sciences in Finland and Sweden. Before becoming a Lecturer in Urban Geography and Regional Studies, she worked as a researcher in several academic research projects, as well as in EU projects and collaborations between universities and governance actors.

Bernelius's main academic interests have been to understand socio-spatial development in cities, and the way that impacts the society and its institutions. Most of her work focuses on segregation and schools, in search of the mechanisms through which the processes of differentiation operate. However, as Geography is a wonderfully diverse subject, she has also studied themes from trust and solidarity in neighbourhoods to the housing preferences of highly skilled immigrants in Helsinki.

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