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Heidi Mod

Physical geography 2006-2016

Post doc researcher, University of Lausanne

Studying geography gives excellent skills to study environment and changes therein. Ten years in the Department of Geosciences and Geography, has built up my methodological know-how, analytical thinking, and understanding of spatial patterns, structures and causality. These all are the skills needed to examine the phenomena occurring on our planet.

Studying physical geography included thus lots of methodological and field courses (the best way to learn, I think!), as well as more theoretical studies. Also other departments provided many courses to combine with physical geography. I got especially interested in arctic vegetation and spatial modelling. This combination was also the topic for my master’s and PhD theses and took me all the way to northern Fennoscandia to do field work with a great research team of Prof. Luoto!

Studying geography, with emphasis on vegetation made me also to land in University of Lausanne, where I currently work as a researcher. I continue with vegetation and modelling, but this time surrounded by ecologists (and the Alps!). The new research environment has taught a lot of new things, yet it has also revealed the strengths of geographers: spatial and comprehensive way of thinking.

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