Pia Bäcklund

Pia Bäcklund, University Lecturer (Ph.D), is a human geographer whose research interest covers especially strategic spatial planning and politics. She sees planning not only as a question of how to better develop cities, but as an example of governmental practices. Political agencies and citizens’ roles in urban development projects, in the context of democracy theories, have been her specific interests. Pia has also been involved in developing domestic and international multidisciplinary research projects within these themes (eg. www.bemine.fi). Her latest research project JustDe (funded by Academy of Finland 2018-2022, led by Pia) targets the issue of how new agreement based spatial planning practices gives new form and direction to justification of societal decision making in the context of Nordic Welfare state. Key collaboration universities within this project are University of Stockholm and NMBU (Norway). Since spring 2018 she has been working as a University Lecturer at the University of Helsinki, after working at the University of Tampere in the research group SPARG, part of the RELATE, Finnish Academy of Centre of Excellence.

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Research group: Spatial Policy, Politics and Planning 


Selected latest publications:

  • Jokinen, A. & Leino, H. & Bäcklund, P. & Laine, M (2018): Strategic planning harnessing urban policy mobilities: The gradual development of local sustainability fix. Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning (fortcoming).
  • Bäcklund, P. & Häikiö, L. & Leino, H. & Kanninen V. (2017). Bypassing publicity and transparency for getting things done: between informal and formal planning practices in Finland. Planning Practice & Research (On-line-first Oct. 2017)
  • Mäntysalo, R. & Bäcklund, P. (2017). The Governance of Planning: Flexibly Networked, Yet Institutionally Grounded. In Gunder, M. & Manadipour, A. & Watson, V (eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Planning Theory. 237-249 s.
  • Bäcklund P., Häkli J. & Schulman, H. (eds. 2017). Kansalaiset kaupunkia kehittämässä. (Citizens in urban development). Academic transdiciplinary textbook. Tampere University Press.
  • Bäcklund, P. & Kuusisto-Arponen, A-K & Luukkonen, J. (2017). Julkishallinto sosiaalisten käytäntöjen kimppuna: teoreettis-metodologisia näkökulmia julkishallinnon käytäntöjen tutkimiseen. Hallinnon Tutkimus 2/2017, 81-91 s.
  • Bäcklund, P & Ruokolainen O & Kallio Kirsi Pauliina & Häkli Jouni (2017). Kansalaisten osallistumisen asema kaupunkiseututasoisessa maankäytön suunnittelussa. (Citizens’ role in land use planning at the city-regional level). Terra 3/2017.