Markku Löytönen

Professor, Human geography

Markku Löytönen was first appointed as professor of human geography in 1995 at the University of Turku, Finland, and since 1999 at the University of Helsinki. His research interests range from the history of geography and Finnish explorations to quantitative methods and GIS with special interest in the geography of health. His list of publications totals over 370 titles, mostly articles, reviews and research reports (including congress abstracts). He is a well-known author of popular science books, among them five books for children, for which he has received five literature awards. He is or has been on the editorial board or editorial advisory board of Journal of Health and Place, International Journal of Health Geographics, and Belgeo. He has served as the Editor-in-Chief of Fennia, as the Editor-in-Chief of Terra, and as the Editor-in-Chief of Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae – Geologica-Geographica. Löytönen is full member of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters.

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Selected publications: 

  • Markku Löytönen et Riikka Jäntti (2015). From Finland to Niagara Falls – Explorer Pehr Kalm in North America 1748-1751. 37 p. Buffalo Heritage Press, Buffalo, NY, United States of America.
  • Helena Ruuska, Markku Löytönen et Anne Rutanen (Eds.) (2015). Laatua! Oppimateriaalit muuttuvassa tietoympäristössä [Quality! Learning Materials in the Changing Information Environment] 284 p. Suomen tietokirjailijat ry, Helsinki.
  • Clive Sabel, Anthony C. Gatrell, Markku Löytönen, Paula Maasilta et Matti Jokelainen (2014). Modelling Exposure Opportunities: Estimating Relative Risk for Motor Neurone Disease in Finland. In Anders Schærström, Stig H. Jørgensen, Thomas Kistemann et Åke Sivertun (Eds.) Geography and Health – A Nordic Outlook, pp.273-288. The Swedish National Defence College, Stockholm.
  • Tommi Inkinen, Markku Löytönen et Anne Rutanen (Eds.) (2014). Kirja muuttuvassa tietoympäristössä [Book and the Changing Information Environment]. 195 p. Suomen tietokirjailijat ry, Helsinki.
  • Markku Löytönen et Anton Eskola (Eds.) (2013). Suomalaisia puheita [Finnish Speeches]. 398 p. Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura, Helsinki.
  • Markku Löytönen (Ed.) (2009). Suomalaiset tutkimusmatkat [Finnish Explorations]. 480 p. Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura, Helsinki.