Maria Salonen is a postdoctoral researcher, interested in questions of spatial accessibility and mobility. As part of the Digital Geography Group [LINK:], Maria focuses on analyzing urban multimodal accessibility patterns and their linkages with people’s daily mobility, using different novel data sources and methods of geoinformatics.

Maria in TUHAT database

Selected publications: 

  • Tenkanen, H., Saarsalmi, P., Järv, O., Salonen, M., & Toivonen, T. (2016). Health research needs more comprehensive accessibility measures: integrating time and transport modes from open data. International Journal of Health Geographics, 15(1), 23.
  • Tenkanen, H., Salonen, M., Lattu, M. & Toivonen, T. (2015). Seasonal fluctuation of riverine navigation and accessibility in Western Amazonia: An analysis combining a cost-efficient GPS-based observation system and interviews. Applied Geography 63, 273–282.
  • Toivonen, T., Salonen, M., Tenkanen, H., Saarsalmi, P., Jaakkola, T. & Järvi, J. (2014). Joukkoliikenteellä, autolla ja kävellen: Avoin saavutettavuusaineisto pääkaupunkiseudulla. Terra 126: 3, 27-136
  • Salonen, M., Broberg, A. Kyttä, M. & Toivonen, T. (2014). Do suburban residents prefer the fastest or low-carbon travel modes? Combining public participation GIS and multimodal travel time analysis for daily mobility research. Applied Geography, 53: 438–448
  • Salonen, M., & Toivonen, T. (2013). Modelling travel time in urban networks: Comparable measures for private car and public transport. Journal of Transport Geography, 31, 143–153.