Maria Salonen

Maria Salonen is a postdoctoral researcher, interested in questions of spatial accessibility and mobility. As part of the Digital Geography Lab, Maria focuses on analyzing urban multimodal accessibility patterns and their linkages with people’s daily mobility, using different novel data sources and methods of geoinformatics.

Maria in TUHAT database

Selected publications: 

  • Tenkanen, H., Saarsalmi, P., Järv, O., Salonen, M., & Toivonen, T. (2016). Health research needs more comprehensive accessibility measures: integrating time and transport modes from open data. International Journal of Health Geographics, 15(1), 23.
  • Tenkanen, H., Salonen, M., Lattu, M. & Toivonen, T. (2015). Seasonal fluctuation of riverine navigation and accessibility in Western Amazonia: An analysis combining a cost-efficient GPS-based observation system and interviews. Applied Geography 63, 273–282.
  • Toivonen, T., Salonen, M., Tenkanen, H., Saarsalmi, P., Jaakkola, T. & Järvi, J. (2014). Joukkoliikenteellä, autolla ja kävellen: Avoin saavutettavuusaineisto pääkaupunkiseudulla. Terra 126: 3, 27-136
  • Salonen, M., Broberg, A. Kyttä, M. & Toivonen, T. (2014). Do suburban residents prefer the fastest or low-carbon travel modes? Combining public participation GIS and multimodal travel time analysis for daily mobility research. Applied Geography, 53: 438–448
  • Salonen, M., & Toivonen, T. (2013). Modelling travel time in urban networks: Comparable measures for private car and public transport. Journal of Transport Geography, 31, 143–153.