Janne Heiskanen

Janne Heiskanen is a university researcher and docent in remote sensing. He is part of the Institute for Atmosphere and Earth System Research (INAR) and ECHOLAB research group. His research has focused on mapping land cover and forest attributes, such as aboveground biomass, canopy cover, leaf area index and biodiversity measures using various remote sensing techniques, particularly optical satellite imagery, imaging spectroscopy and airborne laser scanning. He is also interested in the time series analysis of satellite imagery for land cover monitoring, and validation of remotely sensed data products using field measurements. In recent years, Janne has been working in developing methodologies for carbon assessment and capacity building in forest inventory, remote sensing and GIS in Kenya, Burkina Faso and Sierra Leone.

Janne in TUHAT database

Selected publications

  • Liu, J., J. Heiskanen, E.E. Maeda & P. Pellikka (2018). Burned area detection for West African savannas based on Landsat time series. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 64, 210–220.
  • Heiskanen, J., J. Liu, R. Valbuena, E. Aynekulu, P. Packalen & P. Pellikka (2017). Remote sensing approach for spatial planning of land management interventions in West African savannas. Journal of Arid Environments 140, 29–41.
  • Schäfer, E., J. Heiskanen, V. Heikinheimo & P. Pellikka (2016). Mapping tree species diversity of a tropical montane forest by unsupervised clustering of airborne imaging spectroscopy data. Ecological Informatics 64, 49−58.
  • Heiskanen, J., L. Korhonen, J. Hietanen & P.K.E. Pellikka (2015). Use of airborne LiDAR for estimating leaf area index of tropical montane forests. International Journal of Remote Sensing 36, 2569−2583.
  • Heiskanen, J., M. Rautiainen, P. Stenberg, M. Mõttus & V-H. Vesanto (2013). Sensitivity of narrowband vegetation indices to boreal forest LAI, reflectance seasonality and species composition. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 78, 1–14.
  • Heiskanen, J., M. Rautiainen, P. Stenberg, M. Mõttus, V-H. Vesanto, L. Korhonen & T. Majasalmi (2012). Seasonal variation in MODIS LAI for a boreal forest site in Finland. Remote Sensing of Environment 126, 104–115.