Henrikki Tenkanen

Post-doctoral researcher, PhD

Henrikki is a researcher and geo-data scientist at the Digital Geography Lab. His research focuses on multimodal spatio-temporal accessibility patterns and the spatial mobility of people. In his PhD he developed new methodologies and tools for studying dynamic accessibility patterns, observing the spatial mobility of people, and understanding the social context associated with places. To do so, Henrikki uses novel data sources such as GPS, mobile phone, and social media data, transportation schedules, etc. to search for answers to questions related to spatial planning in urban contexts and in relation to nature conservation. In addition, Henrikki teaches at the department, and has developed an open course for learning programming and automatization of various GIS-related tasks using the Python programming language. Henrikki's work is funded by the DENVI doctoral programme: he is also a student representative in the board of DENVI. 

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