Athanasios Votsis

Athanasios Votsis is researcher at the Socio-economic Impact Research group of the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) and part-time lecturer at the University of Helsinki. He holds a PhD in Geography/Geoinformatics from the University of Helsinki (2017), which focused on urban economics and spatial planning in relation to climate-sensitive environmental risks and amenities, and a Master's in Urban and Regional Planning from Virginia Commonwealth University (2006). He has participated in several national and international projects on natural hazard risk reduction, green infrastructure, and climate adaptation in cities and regions. He is currently part of H2020 iSCAPE, involved in the economic impacts assessment of improving urban air quality across European cities, of ERA4CS URCLIM, leading the integration of urban growth and urban microclimate scenario modelling, and is the P.I. for FMI in ERA4CS DustClim, involved in the development of dust-and-sand-strom -related climate services for the aviation and solar energy sectors. He teaches applied spatial statistics and urban modelling and simulation, tutoring students and summer trainees, and is member of the Urban Economics Association and of the editorial board of Frontiers: Land Use Dynamics.

His research activities include: (1) Urban and regional planning, with focus on applied urban economic modelling and housing market analysis; (2) Economic impacts of environmental risks (esp. flooding) and amenities (esp. green infrastructure); (3) Application of GIS and spatial analysis and simulation in the adaptation of cities and urban regions to climate and ecosystem change; (4) Application of computational intelligence and complexity science to urban studies (esp. cellular automata, fractals); (5) Architectural/Urban theory, with focus on semiotics, human geography, and the archaeology of human settlements.



Twitter: @neospaces_