Aquatic Community Ecology Group

Photo: Janne Soininen

In Aquatic Community Ecology Group we study community ecology, biogeography and macroecology and use unicellular organisms in aquatic ecosystems as model system to test general ecological theories. Our studies are also useful for biodiversity conservation in freshwaters and for biological monitoring. We investigate freshwater biodiversity across broad range of scales from local to global study extents. In addition to freshwater ecosystems, we also examine spatial patterns in diatom biodiversity along the Baltic Sea coastal areas.

Our major research topics include:

  • Biodiversity in freshwaters
  • Regulation of diversity by local and regional forces
  • Global patterns in beta diversity
  • Biogeography of diatoms
  • Metacommunity ecology
  • Diversity-productivity relationships and ecosystem functioning
  • Microbial macroecology


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