Study track of Mo­lecu­lar and ana­lyt­ical health bios­ciences

What molecules and networks underpin human health? How can these be analyzed and used in personalized health strategies?

Starting from 2018, the molecular and analytical health biosciences -study track in the genetics and molecular biosciences -master’s program aims to train life science experts with an in-depth understanding of the analytics of biomolecules and their functional networks in health. After completing the master’s program, the graduates will have the expertise to handle omics-based big data and to combine it with an understanding of traditional laboratory testing. The molecular and analytical health biosciences specialization course, ”Integrative biosciences for health” provides an introduction to several new aspects of health biosciences including e.g. biobanking, precision/personalized medicine, and new cutting edge analytical health technologies, as well as an opportunity to explore different actors and career opportunities in the life science sector. To widen their perspective of health biosciences, the students can attend courses in immunology, nutrition and pharmacology in addition to the courses in the master’s program. A wide spectrum of human molecular health -oriented research projects on the Viikki campus and elsewhere in the University of Helsinki are obtainable for the students on this study track, in the form of laboratory training and/or as the practical part of their master’s thesis.

The study track will provide the students with transferable skills such as analytical thinking, scientific writing and project management. Students will also interact closely with companies and other Biohealth actors and stakeholders.

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