Study track of Cell and De­vel­op­mental Bio­logy

How do cells function, what makes them so diverse, and how do their complex interactions guide the normal development of multicellular organisms?

The study track in the Cell and Developmental Biology covers molecular biology of cells and organelles, as well as mechanisms the cells use to form tissues and organs during development and regeneration. 
University of Helsinki has strong research traditions in many aspects of cell and developmental biology, particularly in organelle biology, cytoskeletal dynamics, cell signaling, stem cell biology, ectodermal and neuronal development and in evolutionary developmental biology. 
Our teaching methods include lectures, student seminars, writing exercises, laboratory courses and practical training in expert 
laboratories. Our mission is that the student should become a critically thinking independent expert, skilled in scientific 
communication and equipped with excellent theoretical and practical knowledge about cells and their interactions in development and disease.

In addition, the students will also learn transferable skills, including scientific writing, project management and presentation of research to both professional and general audience.

Examples of courses:

  • Advanced cell biology
  • Methods in functional genetics and development 
  • Stem cells and organogenesis
  • Seminars in cell and developmental biology
  • Book exams in Cellbiology or Developmental Biology
  • Drosophila genetics
  • Imaging techniques in biological sciences
  • Research project  
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