Study tracks of GMB

In this Master's programme you can specialise according to your interests in biochemistry and structural biology, genetics and genomics, or cellular and developmental biology. From September 2018 you will also have the possibility to specialize in molecular and analytical health biosciences.


What is the code of life, how is it interpreted and how does its variation lead to different traits and disease?
The study track of genetics and genomics covers the structure and function of genes and genomes. Current research in this field requires strong integration of theoretical knowledge, experimental approaches and computational data analysis. Achieving such integration is the key learning objective of the study track. The student will obtain strong knowledge on genome properties, gene regulation, epigenetics and population genetics, and will learn to apply this knowledge to address questions in development, physiology and evolution of organisms as well as human health and disease.
The student will learn key concepts and methods currently in use in genetics and genomics. Practical courses will strengthen the student’s laboratory skills and ability to carry out statistical and bioinformatic data analysis. Further training can be obtained by participating in research at local research groups. The student will also learn transferable skills, including critical thinking, scientific writing, project management and presentation of research to professional and general audience.