Forest Eco­logy and Man­age­ment

The Forest Ecology and Management study track of the Master's Programme in Forest Sciences offers a very versatile array of different specialisation lines from both ecological and technological point of views. Research groups are responsible for the teaching of these lines and you can learn more about these topics from the research groups pages.

Spe­cial­isa­tion lines:

  1. The management and restoration of forest and peatland ecosystems: the sustainable and multitargeted use of forest, the use of peat
  2. Function and production of forests
  3. Forest soil science: the biogeochemistry and hydrology of forest soil, soil and root ecology
  4. Forest pathology and mycology:  the microbiology and epidemiology of forests, biotechnology
  5. Forest zoology:  the biology and ecology of forest insects, the ecology of forest pests
  6. Wildlife management: game populations and society, the planning of game husbandry, mammal ecology (Teaching mainly in Finnish)
  7. The ecology, management and use of tropical forests:  methods of tropical forestry, agroforestry
  8. Forest resource management and geoinformatics: the collection and use of forest-related information in decision-making, laser scanning, remote sensing, forest inventory
  9. Forest technology and logistics: the management of forest products, terramechanics, forest bioenergy 
  10. Wood technology: wood science and wood as raw material, laboratories in the forest industry, the structure and properties of wood raw material