Career Prospects

Masters in Forest Sciences are working across the forestry and natural resources sectors as experts, managers, and decision-makers in international and domestic companies, municipal and state administration and research. The degree of Master of Science (Agriculture and Forestry) also provides the ability to work in positions outside the field of forestry.

Graduates from Forest Ecology and Management have found employment in the fields of forestry, nature conservation, and environmental science both nationally and internationally. Our education offers transferable skills for many fields in the society. The work can include research, management and consulting using measured and modelled information on forest resources, carbon balances, biodiversity and climate change.

Graduates from Forest Economics and Marketing typically find employment as experts in organizations where environmental and economic issues are combined, such as industry marketing and management, research and consulting, as well as in the public sector in national or international levels. 

Although employment opportunities are available across the globe, one should not overlook the possibility to work in Finland upon completion of studies. Graduates will also acquire strong scientific expertise and professional skills for doctoral studies. Several of our graduates have indeed continued with PhD studies either at the University of Helsinki, or elsewhere.

As a graduate of the Master's Programme in Forest Sciences you can pursue studies, for example, in the Doctoral Programme in Sustainable Use of Renewable Natural Resources or the Doctoral Programme in Atmospheric Sciences.