Petri Parvinen

My functional focus and industry expertise include commercialization of high tech, selling and sales management, digitalized customer relationships, biotech and the bioeconomy, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, professional services, retail and business-to-government. My academic research concentrates on explaining growth and profitability. Current research projects concentrate using mixed reality technology in selling, digitalizing sales psychology, selling renewables-based innovations and algorithm-based marketing management.

I have produced 120 academic publications, scholarly articles having appeared in e.g. Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Industrial Marketing Management, International Journal of Electronic Commerce and the Academy of Marketing Science Review. I have authored seven books, two of which have been Finalists at the Business Book of the Year Award. Myyntipsykologia (Sales Psychology) topped at no. 1 of all paperbacks at the Academic Bookstore.

I also work as part-time Adjunct Professor at the Aalto University Department of Industrial Engineering and Management and I am a repeat Visiting Scholar at Stanford University. I hold B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from the London School of Economics and Political Science, the CEMS Master from LSE and Stockholm School of Economics and a Ph.D. in Strategy and International Business from the Helsinki University of Technology. I have been awarded the Junior Chamber of Commerce’s Outstanding Young Professional 2008 and acted repeatedly as Special Advisor to the Parliament of Finland, e.g. the Parliament Futures Commission, Ministry of Employment and Industry, Ministry of Communications and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. I have founded or seed financed 14 startups and work in several boards of directors.

"The bioeconomy sector is perhaps the richest source of startups and research-based ventures in the next decade. The forest biomass sector is increasingly integrated into a variety of other sectors like energy, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, the circular economy, materials technology, packaging and clothing and we are providing students opportunities of building a good interdisciplinary profile and take advantage of this shift."