Heljä-Sisko Helmisaari

Professor of Forest Soil Science since 2010. My research area is biogeochemistry, especially carbon and nutrient dynamics in forest soils and ecosystems in relation to environmental changes and management. Soil ecology, especially the dynamics of roots and their symbionts, is one of my special research areas in which I have wide international cooperation.

Before joining the university staff, I worked a long time at the Finnish Forest Research Institute (now The Natural Resources Institute Finland, Luke) in which I was leading large ecosystem-level research projects on human impacts on biogeochemistry. My recent research projects have concentrated on e.g. fine root processes across ecological gradients (funded by the Academy of Finland) and on long-term ecosystemrecovery from chemical and physical load (funded by the Nessling Foundation).

For information on my publication record, see TUHAT, ResearchGate and Google Scholar. For research and studies in Forest Soil Science, see the Forest Soil Science web site.

"Welcome to study forests, including soils, hidden under our feet but revealed with modern research methods. Soil sustains life on our planet. It is a habitat for plants and micro-organisms and key driver of biomass production and many other ecosystem services, such as filter and storage for water and carbon reservoir. To know the forest soil characteristics and processes and factors affecting them is a prerequisite to understand and forecast the ecosystem effects of forest management and environmental changes."