European and Nordic Studies programme will train you as an independent and critical thinker who is well informed about European issues, trained to do independent and creative analytical projects as well as experienced in working in a multicultural environment.

There is currently a great need for professionals like this within the public and private sectors. The programme will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a career in higher education, local and national administrations, the media, the European Union, Nordic Regional and international institutions, non-governmental organisations, and the business sector.

European studies graduates from the University of Helsinki have begun careers for example in the European Commission, European Parliament, Committee of Regions, Pro-European NGOs, College of Europe, communication offices, and associations promoting Nordic cooperation. You will meet some potential future employees, as well as alumni from our university, in the career course we organise for you. You will also have the opportunity to complete an internship during your studies.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in academic research, the programme provides you with high quality research training i.e. an excellent basis for postgraduate studies. At the University of Helsinki you can continue your studies, for example, under the aegis of our Doctoral Programme in Political, Societal and Regional Change, or the Doctoral Programme in History and Cultural Heritage, and base yourself in the Centre of Nordic Studies or Network for European Studies.

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