Career opportunities

The interdisciplinary ECGS Master’s program provides a unique education that is widely applicable for a future career path. Upon graduating from ECGS you will have expertise in environmental sciences, sustainability sciences and environmental policy to act as a specialist in the public, private and third sectors. In addition, you have gained essential skills to undertake a career in sustainable business and communication. ECGS has a multidisciplinary learning community with faculty from a wide range of sciences, accommodating students in a multicultural network with excellent career prospects.

Doctoral education

The ECGS Master’s program prepares you to advance to doctoral level studies and thereafter positions in environment-related research. Examples of suitable doctoral programmes in the University of Helsinki include:  

  • The Doctoral Programme in Interdisciplinary Environmental Sciences (DENVI)
  • The Doctoral Programme in Sustainable Use of Renewable Natural Resources (AGFOREE)
  • The Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences
  • The Doctoral Programme in Political, Societal and Regional Change (PSRC)
  • The Doctoral Programme in Wildlife Biology Research (LUOVA)
  • The Doctoral Programme in Atmospheric Sciences (ATM-DP)

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Career services

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From the very start of your studies at the University of Helsinki until one year after the completion of your degree Career Services will guide and support you.

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Alumni of the University of Helsinki

All former and current students and employees are alumni of the University. They number close to 200,000 worldwide, and more than 25,000 of us are already part of alumni activities.

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