ECGS is built on a strong connection between different campuses within University of Helsinki. Since sustainable development is a strategic objective of the University of Helsinki, the university continues to strengthen its cooperation with other universities, the Finnish Environment Institute, the National Resource Institute Finland and a variety of collaborating organisations.

The Environmental Policy Research Group (EPRG), led by Janne I. Hukkinen, has competence in environmental governance, knowledge integration and participation in environmental and technology issues, sustainability indicators and scenarios, and industrial ecology. The EPRG research group consists of 2-4 post-doctoral researchers and 4-6 doctoral researchers.  

Environmental and resource economics studies the interaction of society and environment, environmental issues and problems, and nature conservation by applying economic theory and methods. The goal is to find ways to fix market failures so that natural resources are utilized sustainably, while preventing the degradation of nature. 

SOILMAN aims at making use of Ethiopia's rich species diversity to improve food security, help restore degraded environments and mitigate climate change with the help of biological nitrogen fixation (BNF) in the symbiosis between rhizobium bacteria and legumes. 

The Urban Ecology Research Group of the University of Helsinki is one of the few groups in Finland focusing on research and teaching in the urban setting. 

The FEM Group is specialized in risk and decision analysis focusing on the Baltic Sea, the applications covering, for example, oil spill risks, eutrophication, marine spatial planning, and fisheries management.  The group develops cross-disciplinary tools in cooperation with other research groups and involve different stakeholders to our work.