Master's Programme in Environmental Change and Global Sustainability (ECGS)

Global socio-ecological problems call for multidisciplinary solutions that transcend the usual boundaries of science and decision-making. The Environmental Change and Global Sustainability (ECGS) Master’s programme trains you to tackle global environmental and sustainability challenges by lectures, seminars, project learning and laboratory and field courses. There are two study tracks in ECGS for applicants to choose from: the Environmental Change study track in natural sciences and the Global Sustainability study track in social sciences. Both study tracks offer several modules of advanced studies.

Application process

The application period for the International Master's Programmes starting in autumn 2019 closed on Jan 11, 2019. The next application period will start towards the end of 2019. To keep updated about the application dates, sign up for our Admissions Newsletter.

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New farmer goes green

Why wouldn’t farmers grow soil enriching legumes instead of using energy consuming fertilizers? Why wouldn’t we — all! — buy ecological local beans and other legumes to help farmers go green? Professor Kristina Lindström’s Helsinki Challenge team “Ground and Growth” aims at co-creation of knowledge, visions and future directions for sustainable agriculture in an interactive innovation platform process.

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New farmer goes green | University of Helsinki