Future possibilities

An MA in English Studies prepares you for a variety of jobs, and our graduates have been successful in finding employment.  If combined with mandatory pedagogical studies, the Master’s degree in English Studies qualifies you to be a language teacher. Alternatively, you can find employment in media or publishing, business, or international organisations. English is used globally as the language of science, culture, business and tourism, and experts in English are required in all of these fields.

A degree in English Studies prepares you for example for careers in business, publishing, public administration and education.

With careful selection of supporting studies, you can find employment in government, the media, libraries and other cultural institutions, national and international organisations, or tourism.

If you complete pedagogical studies for subject teachers, you will be qualified to teach English at comprehensive and upper secondary schools in Finland.

After successfully completing your Master’s degree, you can also apply to continue your studies as a postgraduate student and later build a career as a university researcher or teacher.

The University of Helsinki has the most comprehensive selection of disciplines in Finland, making it easier for you to plan your specialization and supporting studies to benefit your future career.

Career-related stories by English graduates can be found at toissa.fi (in Finnish).

Combined with mandatory pedagogical studies, a Master’s degree in English Studies gives you the qualifications required to become a language teacher.

In order to qualify as an English teacher in Finland, you must complete: 

  • BA studies in English (60 credits)
  • MA studies in English (60 credits)
  • studies in another discipline taught in schools, such as another language (60 credits, not mandatory but recommended)
  • pedagogical studies (60 credits; separate selection procedure during studies)

Please note that if you are admitted into the programme in 2019, you will not be able to apply for a study right in pedagogical studies during your Master's degree. However, you can apply for a study right after you have completed the Master's degree (so-called "non-degree studies").


After completing your Master of Arts degree, you can apply to complete the postgraduate Doctor of Philosophy degree.

The University of Helsinki Faculty of Arts is Finland’s leading centre of research in the humanities. The Faculty has a strong research orientation, and its research represents the top level in many fields, both in Europe and globally.

For more information on doctoral programmes at the Faculty of Arts, please visit the programme websites:

Doctoral Programme in Language Studies

Doctoral Programme in Philosophy, Arts and Society