The discipline of English philology is home to several research projects of various sizes in linguistics and literature, in which you can participate as part of your studies. A good way to become familiar with research is to write your Master’s thesis on one of the topics of a research project.

Internationally, the discipline of English philology at Helsinki University is known for the study of the history, variation and change of the English language. Helsinki researchers are particularly well known for the digital text collections (corpora) they have compiled for research purposes. You can learn more about the research topics on the website of the VARIENG research unit.

Other topics being studied by linguists here include English as a global language and lingua franca, academic discourse and academic writing, and digital or computer-mediated discourse. The methods through which these are studied are drawn from pragmatics, sociolinguistics and discourse analysis, among others.

Literary studies in the discipline are also active – the staff members study all kinds of literature in English from the 1500s to the present. Key subjects include Anglo-American fiction, postcolonial and Native American literature, Renaissance drama and poetry, science fiction and fantasy. Primary material features novels, short stories, poems and plays, and the methods employed include narratological, postcolonial and cognitive approaches.