A Master's degree in ecology and evolutionary biology gives you the capability to embark on a wide range of careers, such as University teaching and research tasks; expert and administrative tasks at research centres and companies; in the field of public administration (e.g., the United Nations, the European Union, national and provincial administration, cities, municipalities); international and national organisations; and the media. The degree also makes you eligible to continue on to a doctoral education in different areas of biology.

The Master’s degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology is a well-liked option among students studying towards biology teacher qualification (Finnish and Swedish speaking students).

Postgraduate study opportunities

As a graduate of the Master's degree programme, you can apply for a doctoral programme at the University of Helsinki or other top international universities. Further studies include 40 credits of coursework and a dissertation. The vast majority of graduating students in ecology and evolutionary biology take part in the doctoral programme LUOVA (Doctoral Program in Wildlife Biology Research).

Other doctoral programmes at the University of Helsinki include:

For more on the doctoral programmes at the University of Helsinki, see: www.helsinki.fi/fi/tutkimus/tohtorikoulutus