Ways to Study Data Science

There are many ways to study data science in the University of Helsinki. Here are some of the options.

Obtain an MSc degree in Data Science in our programme

  • You can apply in the yearly application round in January (unless you fall under the exceptions below).
  • For students in the Faculty of Science bachelor programmes who have started in 2017 or later, please see the faculty instructions for selecting your MSc program.
  • For all students in the Faculty of Science who have started before spring 2017, please see the faculty transfer tables.

Take individual data science courses and modules offered by our programme

  • See the recommended modules for other degree programmes for more information. Individual lecture courses can also be taken even if you are not a student of our programme.
  • While these courses and modules will not give you a degree in data science, they serve as an introduction to data science topics and will count towards your degree, should you later decide to apply to the Data Science MSc Programme.

Take domain-specific data science courses from other programmes

Take other generic method studies useful for data science