How to prevent shipwrecks with the help of big data?

Data science combines computer science and statistics to solve exciting data-intensive problems in industry and in many fields of science. As data is collected and analysed in all areas of society, the demand for professional data scientists is high and will grow higher. This interdisciplinary Data Science MSc programme will train you to work in data-intensive areas of industry and science, with the skills and knowledge needed to construct solutions to complex data analysis problems.

The Science in Data Science

The Data Science MSc programme of the University of Helsinki is strongly based on science. The faculty are internationally recognised researchers themselves. As a student in the programme, you will acquire insight into how and why methods work so you will be able to construct solutions to new challenges in data science. Graduates from this programme become data scientists with a deep understanding of the methods and will always be needed to construct the future data science solutions.

Application Process

You can apply to the International Master's Programmes at the University of Helsinki from Dec 3, 2019, to Jan 10, 2020 (studies starting in autumn 2020). To keep updated about the application process, sign up for our Admissions Newsletter.