Computer science education

This education will give you:

  • The ability to advance your knowledge in the different areas of computer science
  • The skill to seek, assess, and analyse scientific information in your own area of expertise, and apply the methods of the field in an ethical and sustainable way
  • The ability to act as expert in computer science, and to develop the practices and methods of your field in cooperation with specialists from other fields
  • Oral and written communication skills in an international work environment

The quality teaching within the computer science programme at the University of Helsinki has been highlighted repeatedly in national and international teaching assessments. The student-centred, in-depth learning gives you a solid basis for life-long learning. Studying at the leading research unit for computer science in Finland offers you constant interaction with current research and insight into the development patterns in the field.

Career prospects

The University of Helsinki is constantly monitoring the career development of its graduates. Computer science graduates stand out positively in these surveys (latest one is available in Finnish): Among those who graduated 2012 and answered the survey 100% are currently employed, clear majority is working in private sector, and 48% have salary over 4500 euros (19% over 5500 euros). Most importantly 30.91% are very satisfied (and 52.73% are satisfied) with their degree with respect to the career development.