Courses in Geophysics of the Hydrosphere Study Track

Compulsory courses (45-50 cr)
ATM301 Atmospheric and Earth Sciences Today (5 cr)
ATM345 Seminar in atmospheric sciences (5 cr)
ATM302 Climate Change Now (2 or 5 cr)
ATM303 Project course in atmospheric sciences (3 or 5 cr)
ATM350 Master's thesis (30 cr)
ATM399 Maturity test (0 cr)
Personal study plan (0 cr) (included in ATM301)

Compulsory course package (at least 20 cr)
Theories and Methods in Geophysics of the Hydrosphere (at least 20 cr)
Compulsory courses:
ATM334 Measurement Methods in Hydrospheric Geophysics (5 cr)
ATM335 Geophysics of Snow and Ice (5 cr)
ATM333 Turbulence Theory (5 cr)
ATM310 Time Series Analysis in Geosciences (5 cr)
Optional courses:
ECGS-011 Advanced aquatic biochemistry (5 cr)
ME-204 Geoinformatics 1 (5 cr) (choose either this or ME-203)
ME-203 Geoinformatiikka 1 (5 cr) (choose either this or ME-204)
MAST32005 Spatial Modelling and Bayesian Inference (5 cr)

Optional course packages (at least 25 cr, including at least 15 cr from one of the first three course packages)
Physical Oceanography
ATM336 Dynamic Oceanography (5 cr)
ATM337 Descriptive Oceanography (5 cr)
ATM338 Surface Water Waves (5 cr)
ATM339 Oceanography of the Baltic Sea (5 cr)
ATM340 Coastal Oceanography (5 cr)

ATM341 Sea ice geophysics (5 cr)
ATM342 Frozen Gound (5 cr)
ATM343 Glaciology (5 cr)
ATM363 Continuum theory applications in snow and ice research (5 cr)

GEOM_H2012 Quantitative hydrogeology and flow modeling (5 cr)
ATM344 Global Hydrology (5 cr)
ATM346 Physics of lakes and rivers (5 cr)
ATM321 Field Course in Micrometeorology and Hydrology (5 cr)

Data analysis
ATM308 Statistical analysis of environmental field measurements (5 cr)
ATM309 Analysis of atmosphere-surface interactions and feedbacks (5 cr)
ATM310 Time Series Analysis in Geosciences (5 cr)


Other studies (0-25 cr)
Other studies can include study modules or courses from other programmes or courses from other study tracks. Also practical training and language studies can be included in other studies.