How to prevent hurricane disasters?

Society urgently needs experts with a multidisciplinary education in atmospheric and Earth System sciences. Climate change, urban air quality and extreme weather are matters of global concern which science cannot yet completely explain. Thus, more scientific research needs to be made. Environmental specialists are also needed in companies ranging from clean technology to energy and insurance, as well as among policy makers and governments. ATM-MP educates all meteorologists in Finland for weather forecasting, meteorological research and aviation safety. We also educate hydrospheric geophysicists to work in the fields of cryology, hydrology and oceanography, and chemists and aerosol physicists to work in companies.



Climate Change Now course compulsory in ATM-MP. Understanding of the climate Change needed in all fields (original……

ATM-MP wishes nice summer! We also start summer holiday and more activity will result again in August!

Today is the 21st “heatwave day” of the year. Here’s a cumulative diagram showing the number of heatwave days in Fi……

Work by PhD candidate Olle Räty has increased our understanding the uncertainties of hydrological regional climate……

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The next application period to apply for the Master's Programmes opens in December 3rd 2018 and ends in January 11th 2019 for studies starting in August 2019.

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